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Ten fun and not-so-fun ways to get your home ready for spring

Although most of us think of spring as a time of renewal and new beginnings, others are reminded of spring cleaning tasks that should be completed.  Instead of doing the same mundane tasks each year, why not add a little excitement to your to-do list. To get you started, here are some fun and not-so-fun tasks that should be on your list to get your home ready for spring. 

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Slim Down Your Summer Utility Bill

Summer means sun, warm temperatures, and longer days. Unfortunately for many, it also can mean higher utility bills. With a bit of creativity you can save money without eliminating comfort. Look to these energy saving tips to get you through the warm months – your bank account will thank you!

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Series: Getting to know the faces at AEP Energy

At AEP Energy, we feel it is important to introduce the hard-working employees that make our company successful. For the next several months, we will highlight several team members so you can meet the many faces of AEP Energy.

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Brush Up On Electrical Safety

May is National Electrical Safety Month. As spring comes to full bloom, it is a chance to focus on fire and electrical safety tips.

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What is the difference between AEP Energy and AEP Ohio?

Here at AEP Energy, we frequently visit communities throughout Ohio to explain electric choice and the savings benefits associated with it. Through these visits, particularly those areas that are served by the local utility, AEP Ohio, we have learned that many residents don't always understand the difference between us and their local utility. To help you understand, we thought it would be beneficial to list some of the key distinctions between these two businesses and how simple it is to save money year-round on your electricity bills.

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How Can Electricity Supply Providers Offer Lower Prices Than The Utility?

If you live in a state that offers electric choice, most likely you are able to choose from a host of electricity supply providers to help you save money on your monthly electric bill. Saving money is always on the top of my priority list, including my friends. However, many don't understand how a supplier can offer lower electricity supply prices than the local utility.

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5 Truths About Electric Choice in Ohio

You may have heard about the Ohio Retail Electric Choice Program from conversations you've had with family, friends or at your neighbor's barbeque last week. Although it's not a topic that keeps you awake at night, most likely you are still confused.  Don't worry, you are not alone. As you are trying to make sense of what is fact vs. fiction, perhaps we can shine a light on the top five commonly misconstrued myths about electric choice and the truth behind them.

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How much can I expect to save with an electricity supplier in Ohio?

A commonly asked question we hear is "How much will I save?" It's an important question to ask, whether you are shopping for an electricity supply provider or you already have made the choice. To that end, we thought we would share some helpful tips on how residential customers in Ohio can determine their savings.

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Who says that going green has to cost a lot of money?

I wish I could buy all or most of my produce from organic sources. However, since these fruits and vegetables are typically more expensive in the grocery stores, it seems my penny-pinching character always gets in the way. My experience is similar when trying to be eco-friendly or "green."

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Understanding Electric Choice

It never fails. Whenever I’m talking to a new friend about where I work, I always hear, "I’ve heard that I can choose an electricity supplier to save money, but how does it work?"

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